Saturday, February 4, 2012

Netflix Knows Me | Moving Movies

Over time, Neflix has determined that I especially enjoy "Midlife Crisis Comedies," and Dramas, Comedies, and Romantic Comedies "featuring a Strong Female Lead" and continues to suggest incredible films that fit these bills.

A while back, I watched a movie called "Under the Tuscan Sun." For any woman of any age, if you have ever had the urge or fantasy to just leave it all behind and start your life over somewhere else, this movie is a must-see. 

Trailer for "Under The Tuscan Sun":

This film evidently became a starting point for my intimate relationship with Netflix. I began to receive some interesting suggestions - movies that, according to my interest in "Under the Tuscan Sun," I might enjoy.  Since then, each choice to view a film and rate it has led to additional, very appropriate suggestions.

At times, I've stretched out of my comfort zone. For example, I no longer mind subtitles at all. Limiting my movie choices to English language films was limiting my world.

I now love movies about women in foreign countries (especially oppressed ones) who rise above and revel in their own personal victories. 

I love watching them take charge of their lives...finding their paths...finding true happiness. Isn't this, universally, what we all long for?

Here are some of my favorites:

"In Therapy" 


(give this one about 10 seconds to starts off all scrambled but then comes into focus...)


Netflix is now recommending this film to me:

"Bread and Tulips"

Based on the trailer, I am going to *love* this film. I'll keep you posted.

Have you seen any of these movies? What types of movies do you tend to gravitate toward? How do they make you feel?



  1. I love a diversity of films, from horror to comedy and most everything between. Both new and old, fiction and non-fiction. I can enjoy a film with subtitles in small portions. However, if I have to read the entire movie I'd rather have a book in my hand.

    I tend to believe people gravitate towards films specific to what is happening in their lives, at least this is true for me. Of course we all watch a wide variety of movies but next time you find yourself watching romance movies for a month, stop and ask yourself why?

    Dances With Wolves, Saving Private Ryan, Green Mile, Shawshank Redemption, I Am Legend and Sixth Sense are just a few of my favs but there are many.

    In general, I believe movies make me feel the way I want them to in that moment. Especially if I consider my subconscious is playing some role in my movie selection based on mood.

    Interesting topic Debbie, it got me thinking and at the same time, it took my mind off current worries, even if just for a brief moment. Thank you for that!

    The only way these blogs can get better would be if you served up some cupcakes to go along with them!


  2. i LOVE scary and suspense (not bloody gory)
    Laughing is my favorite!
    but i have to read before i sleep.
    reading the hunger games right now


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