Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every 7 Years, We are "Made New"

I'm not suggesting that you need to wait until you are 35 to experience something like this, nor that if you are later in life that it's too late. It's not. We can, at any moment, begin to change our thoughts, make different choices, and begin honoring ourselves. We can begin to truly acknowledge how fortunate we really are, despite any past or present pains....despite the fact that life is not perfect, and while we'd like to be happy "all the time," this world is truly a mix of magic and tragic, and we are blessed to be alive and to experience all of it.

Yesterday I celebrated 35 years on the planet. For more than one reason, I truly feel like a "new" person. To begin with, let's say I'm fortunate enough to live at least until the ripe old age of 70.  You could say I am on the cusp of my official mid-life reflection (I don't need a crisis, thank you!).  I've realized that the first 35 years of my life are now the past. I release that time of my life. It's a powerful experience, to say the least.

I release childhood traumas and the crazy relationships and decisions of my twenties. I finally feel as if I am coming into my own as a woman, focusing on my writing, and making choices (such as returning to vegetarianism, eliminating aspartame and artificial ingredients from my diet, and honoring myself when it comes to boundaries) that are in alignment with the core of my being. I am honoring myself.

In addition to the emotional and spiritual shifts that occur at 35, there is something pretty amazing going on for all of us on a physical level at age 35 (and 7, 14, 21, 28, 42, 49...).  I once heard that at these intervals, human beings get entirely new cells -- we are made physically new every 7 years for our entire lives. I did some research, and science seems to support this information.

According to Nicolas Wade, a science writer for The New York Times, Dr. Jonas Frisen, a stem cell biologist at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden developed a method of determining the actual age of human cells.  In his research, he discovered that the reason that most people act/behave in accordance with their actual birth age - their years on the plant - is because some cells remain the same from birth and throughout life; however, the rest of our cells are renewed about every 7 years. So, it's no wonder that we may feel a physical "newness" at those intervals.

What age are you at now?  How many 7 year cell renewal cycles have you experienced so far? Was there a certain age when you began to really evaluate your life and make new, conscious decisions about how to live it?


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  1. Woo hoo your 35 10 yrs older than me. I hope I'm all hip like you are in 10 yrs ;). That's awesome about the cells I remember hearing that. Well I have had two new growth of.cells in my life. Wow when I turned 21 I probably killed alot of my brain cells. That was the new me party girl. I guess I can say I have been through a lot of life changes and personality changes. I think this yr 2012 I have made a big change. I think I have found myself. I let go of the past and live in the now. I took good things from my past. Good memories. While I know unwonted forget the bad I tend not to dwell on them. There is a lot of things that have brought me to be who I am today. The I learned from the negative and thrive on the positive now. I appreciate life and age more now. I joke that I am getting old but to tell you the truth I'm enjoying the fact that I am. Me too! I know u like Stevia so I was recommended not u but my diet plan to use it. So today was the first day of becoming a healthier me! Congrats on your new cells and your new changes :)


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