Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Disgruntled Postal Customer

I got pretty upset today, which created an opportunity for reflection. It really made me question what type of energy and intention I am generating in certain situations - even with something as ordinary as the mail that I receive. Perhaps you can relate.

I suppose if this incident had been a one-off, isolated situation, I would have been more understanding.

A friend from the east coast sent me a package of goodies for Christmas through the USPS (United States Postal Service). She paid for priority handling and delivery confirmation. I light up like a child when I receive a package in the mail, so I was looking forward to this.

Yesterday, we tracked the package, and it was "Delivered" to a completely different city and zip code, nearly an hour from where I live.  I went to my local post office where I was told there was "nothing we can do. Hopefully the person who got it will forward it on to you. Wait a few days and see."
My friend was saddened, as she'd carefully collected items that she thought I would enjoy, and she placed them in this box. She had just put in a couple more things and was excited to send the package off and make my day.

When we learned that the package was mis-delivered (and no one at USPS can apparently do anything about it), she felt so badly.  I felt badly as well - not so much for the material possessions that were in the box (although I was so excited to receive them), but for all of the heart and love that went into preparing it and sending it to me. It also cost my friend a pretty penny to ship it - only for it to never arrive.

Image courtesy of JessicaKateProductions

Last month, I sent my sister a care package. When it arrived, it was smashed, almost all of the contents damaged or destroyed. Because I did not purchase insurance (although I packaged it very well), again, there was nothing that USPS could do.

My uncle sent me a card with a gift inside over a week ago. It never arrived.  My sister sent a box of cookies to someone in another part of her state, Priority, and it took 10 days to get to him.

What is going on? I can either take this as confirmation of the failing USPS system that we have all been hearing about (I vow to only use UPS or FedEx for packages now), or I can wonder if I am putting something out there, energetically, to create confusion or a lack of follow-through on my mail arriving safely. Maybe its a combination of both.

As I was in Yoga class today, the package kept coming into my mind. I felt anger and sadness. I was caught up in it. It easily could have ruined my day, and it almost did.

I had to actively decide not to let this incident totally spoil my mood. As my friend Aly said, "If that's your worst problem today, you're way more blessed than a lot of people." My sister also feels confident that the package will show up.

I showed up early to class and hung out a bit with my teacher and classmates. I got to get outside of my own head and "problem" and hear about happy vacations. I got to see photos and talk about the best iPad apps. I was in the moment.

Image Courtesy of Keep Calm & Stay Gold Yoga Gifts

During class, I got wrapped up in the asanas, and I felt blissful during savasana. 

When I left yoga class, I held on to that sacred, calming feeling that my teacher calls "the residue of yoga."  

At home, I calmly filed a complaint online that will, hopefully, trigger an investigation and get my package safely to me.

I asked the Universe to forgive me for any negativity I may have generated to contribute to this repeated situation with the mail. I asked God to bless my friend, who works hard for a living and whose disappointment my heart shared. I prayed for my Uncle - that he be blessed, because he also works hard, and to send me a gift meant a sacrifice for him.

We'll see what happens.


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  1. that made me cry <3 you sweet girl! ~debbie


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