Monday, January 2, 2012

Crying During Yoga Class: Practicing through difficult emotions

When I arrived at yoga class today, there was a substitute teacher. Each time I experience a new teacher's style, it is inevitably an enjoyable opportunity. 

Today was no exception.  

When I arrived in class, the teacher was already leading  a chant. I quietly placed a yoga mat down on of the few available spots on the hardwood studio floor and immediately joined in.  

She then led us in a variety of poses, noting that we would "take it easy," since it is the start of the new year. A few of us chuckled. I wondered if it was because they, too, felt that the asanas we were doing, particularly the repeated and long-held chair poses(Utkatasana I), were anything but taking it easy. 

Chair Pose | Image Courtesy of YogaClass

It felt good though. I had come into class a bit emotionally elevated, having just had a difficult conversation that didn't go as I had hoped. My body was still feeling the effects of the situation. I walked into the gym with freshly dried tear tracks, glassy eyes, and an obligatory smile for the front desk staff. 

I  scurried  my way back to the studio and made a decision to allow my mind and body to continue to move through the process that those parts of me were experiencing, while also remaining steadfast in my commitment to practice yoga today.

There I was, with body, mind, and spirit on board. It felt good to follow through, despite the sadness and heartbreak I was experiencing in that moment. 

Eagle pose (Garuda-asana), for some reason, was particularly comforting. Perhaps it was a combination of the balancing and the twisted nature of the pose that caused me to feel held and supported. 

Eagle Pose | Image Courtesy of iSport

Choosing my yoga practice, even in the midst of a challenging emotional experience, proved to be helpful and healing. 

Have you ever shown up for something in the midst of an emotional experience? 

How did showing up and following through affect your mood for the rest of the day? 

What yoga poses comfort you? 


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  1. I so enjoy reading your yoga journey. Following through, regardless or despite our emotional state, is always rewarding! Hugs to you!!


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