Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"For fast-acting relief, try S L O W I N G down."

My Hatha Yoga teacher gave us a quote today from comedienne Lily Tomlin:

"For fast-acting relief, try slowing down."

This tickled many of us, because in our fast-paced culture, it is first nature for most to want to get there and get there quickly, even at the cost of our own sanity.

Our teacher gave some examples:

  • If you hurry, you might drop something.
  • If you rush to the parking space nearest the Target entrance, you could get into an altercation.

The examples that came to my head, personally are:

  • If you hurry, you might make a mistake/error.
  • If you hurry, you won't enjoy this moment.

An example of how to embrace slowing down was also given by our teacher. She shared that the other day, in the crazy holiday-packed parking lot of Target, she found and parked in the spot farthest away from the entrance and chose to enjoy the walk to and from the store.  I like that one. I sometimes practice this as well. (Just be sure to be mindful of where you parked! ☺)

Photo Courtesy of Scott Olson

I decided to adopt this practice for myself for the rest of the week and see how it goes. Tomorrow, aside from work, I am going to take my time cleaning the house, instead of rushing through it just to "get it done." I am going to stay in the moment, enjoying the process of it.

I'll practice gratitude for each object I dust. If it's time to get rid of certain items, I will make a donation bag and a bag for things that are ready to be thrown away.

I will wash each dish in gratitude for the food that was on it that now nourishes my cells.

I will clean the bathroom in thanks that we live in a country that has clean, running water, and that I can shower, brush my teeth, and use a flushing toilet everyday (something that is truly a luxury if you ask folks in third world countries.)

As I wash, dry, fold, hang, and iron laundry, I will thank God that I am blessed enough to have clothes to keep me warm and make me feel good about myself.

Photo Courtesy of Dukkha Girl

Instead of rushing through the tasks mindlessly or completely  distracted, I am going to S L O W down and immerse myself in them.  Maybe this way, I won't be all out of breath and exhausted when I'm done. (Not to mention, I might avoid tripping over the vacuum a couple of times.)

Maybe I'll enjoy the different state that bringing slowness to this activity will bring.

How can you slow down in your life?


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  1. once again, totally AWESOME! ~DEBBIEANN5759~


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