Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Miracle Yoga Pose (Anxiety) Viparita Karani: Legs Up The Wall

Do you ever experience anxiety or panic attacks? Unfortunately, I do.  During a recent bout, I took my yoga teacher's recommendation and practiced Viparita Karani: Legs Up The Wall pose.  One of the therapeutic applications of this inversion is to calm your nervous system, making it quite helpful when you are experiencing anxiety.

My experience: It helped substantially.

Here is what the position looks like:

Photo Courtesy of Michael Venera

The yogi's pelvis is elevated. I've seen and done this pose done without elevation as well. I have found the elevated option to be more comfortable.

While practicing this pose, I put on one of my favorite new tracks, "He Ma Durga" by Donna De Lory.


This track is quite soothing. It's repetitive chant will having you feeling blissful and less anxious in no time.

Please check with your doctor or holistic health practitioner before engaging in any new physical activity - there are some contraindications for this pose.  This is not intended to be medical advice or to diagnose or treat any ailment. Just one Yogi to another. ♥

Here is some more information on this miracle pose: Yoga Journal - Legs Up The Wall

Are there any yoga poses that you find helpful when you are experiencing physical or emotional discomfort?

What do YOU do for self-care?


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