Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yoga When You're Sick (aka Under the Weather Yoga)

This past week, I got slammed with a cold.  I don't usually catch them, and when I do, I'm unfortunately quite a baby about it. I wonder if I will ever get better. I wonder what things I can do to support my body in healing as quickly as possible.

In addition to the various supplements suggested by friends (I just went with some vitamin C in large quantities), I drank TONS of water, decaffeinated tea, and fruit juice diluted with sparkling water.  My appetite was pretty low, but I managed to eat some soup and other light, nourishing foods. I read that it's natural for our appetite to decrease when we have a cold, because our body needs to use its energy to fight off the foreign bug - digestion of big meals is not its top priority during such times.

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I longed to do some type of yoga practice, but with the various symptoms I was experiencing, I was hesitant. It was then that I decided to practice the yoga of acceptance.

I had been whining about having a cold, feeling miserable, and I realized that no amount of complaining or self pity was going to help me feel any better, any sooner.

I then practiced the yoga of meditation. I found it difficult to sit in a quiet state, especially when the trickle would turn into a full blown cough-fest, so I put on some guided hypnosis and guided meditation CDs, and this helped me to still my mind and relax my body.

I practiced the yoga of being present by making tea.  I made it, held the warm mug in my hands, allowed the steam to go up my nose and in my mouth, and I sipped on it, all snuggled up in a blanket.

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I practiced the yoga of relaxation with aromatherapy, by using some Yardley of London Lavender Soap in a warmy, steamy shower. 

I'm feeling a lot better. I'm at the tail end of the cold. It's leaving a lot faster than I imagined. Hopefully, in a few days, I'll be back to doing my physical yoga asana practice again.

What are you doing to support your immune system? What ways do you amp up the self-care if you feel under the weather? 

How might you practice yoga off of the mat?

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