Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Your Choice, Your Practice

Earlier this week, we had a substitute teacher in my Hatha Yoga class. I felt a mixture of apprehension and curiosity when I walked into the room and saw someone else standing in my teacher's place.

The apprehension was partly because I have come to know, generally, what to expect in my class in terms of intensity and rhythm. I really enjoy my teacher's spirit and non-judgmental, gentle teaching style.

The curiosity came as the thought: "I wonder what my mind, body, and spirit will experience today in class. Sometimes it's nice to break up routines."

I ended up thoroughly enjoying the class. Our substitute, of course, had her own style. We did some chanting at the beginning and end of class.

She also said, on a number of occasions, (especially before chaturanga), "Your choice, your practice."

Photo courtesy of ProlificLiving

What she meant, in that moment, was: "Here's a suggested sequence of poses for you to do now. If it feels like too much, you can back off and rest. If it doesn't feel like enough, kick it up a notch. Your choice, your practice."

Our teacher was teaching us to listen to and respect where we were in that moment. She was teaching us not to force anything and that respecting where we are at physically, emotionally, and spiritually is a GOOD thing.

I love when lessons from the yoga mat translate nicely into the world off of the mat (as they so often do).

All day today, when I felt tension arise or feelings of discomfort in any form (tense shoulders, irritable mood), I thought, "What am I choosing right now? My choice, my practice."

Our life is our practice, and every moment, we have the ability to choose what is best for us on all levels.

I choose ease.



  1. While not a fan of any Eastern Religion, i can see you benefit from this one a little. Just please don't get caught up in the "empty your mind". Evil waits to jump in at just that moment. Like your blog and your writing style. Stay happy, but stay safe!

  2. Nicco, thank you for your kind comment. I enjoy conversing with you on Twitter. :)

  3. I absolutely love this blog. You are an inspiration to me and I feel lucky and blessed to have met you and have had you come into my life. Xoxo


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