Monday, December 26, 2011

How to Be Happy on Mondays

Tell some people to have a "Happy Monday," and they may look at you as if you told them that it was raining bricks. Perhaps you are one of these people?  I often am.

This week, though, I realized I had a LOT to be grateful for. I woke up this Monday morning, and I thought about how our water heater has been broken since Saturday night (no hot showers...heating up water on the stove to wash up and to do dishes).  We're lucky that a repair person will be out today to fix the water heater, and we'll be back to "normal" by this afternoon.

But, as I lay in bed this morning, I thought about the many little things that I take for granted on a regular basis, and how truly amazing each things is. I became very grateful, and continued to rattle off my gratitude list. 

It was a great way to start a Monday morning. I noticed I was smiling as I was still in bed, under the warm covers, making a positive, pleasant transition from weekend mode to Monday morning. This was an unusual surprise.

I highly recommend reciting a Monday morning gratitude list before you even get out of bed. You can think about it in your head, or of you prefer, keep a pen and paper nearby so you can start writing when you wake up.

You can start with what many of us take for granted, such as a warm bed in a safe home (sadly, many people in our own community lack even these right now), running water, hot water, food in the refrigerator, electricity, family, friends, and pets, our health...

Then, we move on to luxuries...

A membership to the local gym or yoga center, a car, a Job, spare money to buy that Peppermint Mocha at Starbucks, access to the internet or cable so that we can connect with the world that way...

See? We get so caught up in momentary emotions and discomfort that we sometimes lose sight of how immensely blessed and fortune we truly are. 

Monday mornings are a great way to remind ourselves of just how many reasons we have to be happy.

What are you grateful for? How can you bless yourself and others on this Marvelous Monday?


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