Sunday, August 22, 2010

The House Chores Meditation

If you are anything like me, you don't exactly jump up and down at the "opportunity" to do housework.  In our busy lives, even a sink full of dishes (if it catches our eye at the end of a hectic day) can cause anxiety - a visual reminder of all of the things we "should" be doing when what we'd really like to do is kick back and rest, practice yoga, watch our favorite television show, etc.

"WHEN will I have a moment to rest and not be working?"

There are little things that we can do to make the experience a bit more relaxing and dare I say it (GASP!), enjoyable.  If you must wash the dishes, why not use it as an opportunity to take some time for yourself?

This evening, I spent part of my dish washing and kitchen cleanup time listening to a radio talk show that I enjoy. (It's a show hosted by Len Tillem, an attorney who gives free legal advice  to people who call in - it's quite interesting and entertaining. You wouldn't BELIEVE some of the situations that people call in with!)  This helped. (The show airs on KGO 810 AM  in the San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose with podcasts available online)

I then turned off the radio and used a new product that I purchased at Trader Joe's today.  I noticed a pretty purple bottle of dish washing soap and grabbed it while picking up groceries. I was so delighted to notice a beautiful fragrance coming from the foamy bubbles as I began to wash the dishes.  Upon a closer look at the bottle, I noticed that it includes lavender and tea tree oil.  Now my dish-washing session, which I had been dreading, had turned into some "me time" listening to a radio program, as well as an aromatherapy session!

I now feel much better, having done what I know needing to be done, than if I had left it undone for tomorrow, which will come with it's own set of chores and things that need doing.  And now to think of how to make the vacuuming a meditative experience...

Debbie aka Sulilo


  1. You make me smile. Love your blog!!

  2. Thank you so much. Your comment made my week! :)


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