Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Jennifer Aniston Dream (An Interesting Experience in Dream Interpretation)

I had an interesting dream last night, and stay with me, because I think you'll find some value in it the next time you have a similar dream.  I was the passenger in a small coupe vehicle. Driving was Jennifer Aniston.  In the back seat was my sister, who, in the world of the awake, lives across the continent from me.  Jennifer was pulling into a gas station to fill up.  I remember noting that it was midweek, during the day, and she was leisurely out and about.  In my dream, she was not a celebrity, just an ordinary entrepreneurial woman.  She had a business of some sort, and I knew that my sister and I worked for her in come capacity.

Jennifer got out of the car to pump gas, and my sister commented to me that Jennifer is so good at what she does, that she wondered why she didn't choose to be at work all of the time. She wondered why she was content to take in the amount of money that she was taking in. She seemed so mellow and at peace and not very driven to become filthy rich.

I paused and thought about it.  I told my sister, as I watched Jennifer pump the gas, that I admired her "strategy."  I agreed that had Jennifer chosen to be at her business more to "sell, sell, sell" and work around the clock, she would be more wealthy.  But that was not her motive.  Her motive was to make enough money to live comfortably - to not have to be tied down to the office and work all of the time.  She could be out during the middle of the day taking care of things like getting her gas tank filled, or more fun things like stopping by at Starbucks or a local cafe for a latte, or sitting in the sun with a good book. She was motivated to do well, succeed, and have enough time to reap and enjoy the benefits of her efforts; she was NOT motivated to work herself into the ground, stress, and have no time to enjoy anything that she worked so hard for.

Jennifer Aniston at the Gas Station
Wow. You can really find anything
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Jennifer returned to the car.  I wanted to tell her all of the "insights" that I had about "her," when I realized I was her. I was this person I was admiring and having insights about. I was also the observer in the passenger seat, and I was my sister in the back, questioning it all from a different perspective.

Sometimes when we dream, we have the experience of actually "being" all of the characters. It's something our brains aren't normally freed up to do during a busy awakened period.  Often, while awake, we think about things from one or two points of view.  In the dream world, so much more is possible.

I did not set an intention to dream about this matter before going to bed (although doing so can set you up for successfully dreaming about your desired subject); however, looking at it now, I have been thinking a lot lately about wealth and, while I would gladly welcome more prosperity in my life, I really want for nothing right now.  Even when I have a little bit of spending money, nothing seems so tempting that I "have to have it."  I am the Jennifer Aniston of my dream - content to not be overburdened with a stressful amount of work, yet very appreciative to have a source of income. I am the passenger in the seat that can now see this, and I am my sister in the dream who questions why this is all so.

Why Jennifer Aniston though?  Though I do not know her personally, she has popped into my head several times recently. I loved her on Friends, and I always felt badly for her in terms of how her marriage ended. It's none of my business (or anyone else's for that matter). I really like Angelina Jolie as an actress and for all of her humanitarian efforts...but I always felt that Jennifer Aniston was a very strong woman to pick up the pieces and to constantly deal with -even to this day- reminders of how her marriage ended. It is constantly in her face - yet she picked up the pieces, and she goes on, lives her life, and shines her light. That's inspiring to me. In my dream, SHE was driving the car. Everything she represented - that part of me - was in control.

May you remember your dreams tomorrow. May they be pleasant, thought provoking, and meaningful for you.  May you see yourself in the different roles, and may this help you gain clarity and perspective.

Debbie aka Sulilo

Have you had an interesting dream that caused you to gain clarity and insight on a situation in your life?  Please share it here.

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