Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge | Day 2 | Following the breath

Today at work I was out in the field with my boss in San Francisco.  I was so excited to be in the city on an unusually HOT day - it was close to 90 degrees, truly unheard of in SanFran - and I wanted to share some of those moments with you...the moments that led up to Day 2 of my experience with the Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation challenge.

Although I was there to write and take photos, I had to wear a hard hat at a construction site. Do I look thrilled?

 I passed through the colorful Castro district.

I waited for my boss in a very cute little neighborhood called Noe Valley. I want to visit there again when I have time to explore.

I passed so many art schools and wondered how cool it must be to be creative in the way of design - to go to school in the city and study art.   I admired artsy, well-dressed people and met with a young woman who is an architect. It was all so inspiring.

I wondered what it must be like to have the potential to fly but to be held back from being able to do be put on display for others to admire, but to not enjoy your own potential. Yes, those are real birds.

Sat in San Francisco traffic.

Didn't eat enough during the day - ended up having some massive shakes which led to gulping down some orange juice and an all natural bar. Felt better.

Mind you, these were all little moments in a very busy, near 10 hour day out in the field. I got a lot accomplished work-wise and found an even higher level of respect for my boss after seeing how hard he works out there.

By the time I got home, I was exhausted.  I sat on the kitchen floor with my cat, eyes closed, reconnecting with the moment and very much looking forward to entering the sanctuary of quiet meditation.

Today was Day 2.  The focus was on following the breath. Frankly, when I've been under stress in the past and have tried to do breath-focused meditations, I have gotten freaked out by the awareness of my breath, realizing that it was shallow or very rapid or that I was holding it.  Those thoughts came up, and I let them melt away. 

I allowed myself to move from a very Buddha like posture to more of a supported Savasana on my yoga mat and just followed the breath.  By the time the guider's voice began to gently wrap up the meditation, I realized that I was very much into it and quite relaxed.

I think I could really get used to this daily self-care time.

Debbie aka Sulilo

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