Sunday, October 3, 2010

Lessons Through Dreams: Losing our Identity

I had yet another dream that I found worthy of sharing. Perhaps you've had this experience, too... (Please share!)

I was picking up a few items at a store in the subway (they have these in certain parts of Europe  - and probably many other places), and I was purchasing some fancy rum and such for my significant other.  The gentleman was ringing up my sale, and I volunteered to show my ID, assuming that he would think I must have looked so magnificently young that I couldn't possibly be old enough to purchase alcohol.  I looked through my wallet, then I became frantic as I realized that my ID was missing.  I went to call someone to help, but my cell phone was missing too.  I didn't know anyone's number by heart - I felt really anxious.  At this point, I had stepped out of the line and let other customers make their purchases.

I read the cashier's thoughts: The sale was almost complete. I didn't ask for your ID.

Throughout the dream, I ran around from place to place trying to find my ID and my cell phone. I eventually met up with my Mom who suggested that we do a little shopping and have some dinner and that maybe we could jog my memory as to where the missing items might be. She was suggesting that I "Let Go and Let God" and not become consumed with the anxiety and tension. The ID and the phone could both be replaced if need be.

I decided to "give in." We went shopping, and I purchased some makeup. My credit cards and cash were still in purse. No one asked for my ID.

We went out to eat. I paid with a credit card. No ID was required.

When we got outside, I was sorting the receipts into my purse, and between two pieces of paper - there was my ID. I showed my Mom. I reiterated that I had searched through my purse - dumped it out and carefully picked through dozens of times - many of which she had witnessed throughout the dream.

My mom's lips didn't move, but she communicated to me that it was in "Letting Go and Letting God" that I found what I needed. I found my ID - myself. Oh, and then I found my cell phone - my way of communicating with others - as well.

Debbie aka Sulilo

Recommended Yoga Pose for meditating on the Concept of Letting Go and Letting God, or Surrendering to the Universe:


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