Thursday, September 30, 2010

On the Bus with....No Pants On?

I had a rather interesting dream last night, but the ending was far from typical.  I was on a shuttle bus (which may relate to last week when I rode many shuttle buses to and from my hotel to a convention in Atlanta).  My grandmother (who is deceased in real life but who shows up in most of my dreams) saw me off until I got on the shuttle. 

I could tell when I got on that this was going to be an unusual ride.  The seating was set up as tables.  The chairs were comfy, and people where gathered around playing cards or all snuggled up reading  books.

The back window was very large and rectangular, and it was almost as if I were watching the most realistic High-Definition television of ocean surf...with waves crashing and tumbling from side to side.  (I was at an audio-video convention last week where I saw such things. My boss would be thrilled to know that work has come into my dreams.)

But in my dream, I acknowledged that what I saw was the actual view.

When it came time to get off at my stop, I stood up and realized I pants on. There I was, in just a top and undies. Socks and shoes. No pants.

When searching for photos for this blog post,
I could barely believe that something called
"The Naked Bus" exists!

Every other time I've ever dreamed about finding myself naked or half-naked in a public place, I've experienced a sense of humiliation, vulnerability, and embarrassment.  This time, It barely affected me. I even looked down and saw my little muffin top belly and my larger than they used to be thighs. 

I looked at another girl who was getting off of the bus and said matter-of-factly, "I don't have any pants on." Then I noticed, "Neither do you! But you have on some nice lace leggings!"  I grabbed my pants off of the chair and got off of the bus.

Then I woke up.

Your thoughts?  I have my own..

May you feel comfortable in your own skin. May you know that you are stronger that you give yourself credit for. May you grow in ways that you never imagined possible.

Debbie aka Sulilo


  1. i cannot explain your dream, but next time i will take the bus in my dreams


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