Sunday, September 19, 2010

Product Celebration: Beautiful, Custom Made Yoga Mat Bags!

I love to search for all things yoga, and while I was online the other day I came across some yoga mat bags that I found to be simply beautiful:

[[There is no image, because as of 2-17-2012, these items no longer appear to be available on Shannon Buckley's website]]

I was intrigued and wanted to know more, which lead me to contact Shannon Buckley, the incredible woman who hand makes each and every one-of-a-kind yoga mat bag (and other neat items such as patches with spiritual symbols and messages) on her website HERE (if you are in the U.S). or HERE (for anywhere else in the world.)

Whenever I notice an item like this, it makes me curious about the artisan's spiritual background, so I asked Shannon what she considers to be her spiritual philosophy.

Her response:

"I live in gratitude for my creator and practice walking meditation and gargantuan amounts of self-love.  I believe in opening myself up as a conduit of the Source and allowing the beautiful and loving source energy to flow through me at all times.  I mean, it just feels so good- how could I desire anything besides that?!  Because I am so committed to sharing love, I am gifted with all sorts of beautiful interactions with people I've never met as well as great interactions with my friends and family and my spiritual belief is at the base of all of this."  

I found this response to be beautiful and in alignment with the message shared through Sulilo.  I also wondered: Why Yoga Mats?

"Yoga= natural health-care, yoga=unity, yoga= meditation, yoga= self-awareness practice, I love to encourage people to participate in yoga as I enjoy it myself.  I believe in 'physician heal-thyself,' which means taking responsibility for our health and that we are able to heal ourselves.  Yoga is a practice that is incredibly supportive to this philosophy.  Movement is life!"

Beautiful, right? :0)

Shannon purchased her very first sewing machine in 2006, nearly 5 years ago.  She developed a passion for creating high quality, functional lifestyle pieces for the active individual.

A little bit about the bags (straight from Shannon):

  • Seams are professionally finished so there is no issue with fraying 
  • Comprised of interesting materials that create a unique and eye-catching presentation
  • There is a shoulder strap as well as a pocket on the front for your keys or other small items.
  • Top has a drawstring close and a satin cord.
  • Bag is made to fit yoga mats that when rolled up have a maximum diameter of 6 inches
  • Made right here in the USA, by Shannon 

At the time of this post, bags on the site cost between $34.99-$39.99.  You also have the option of ordering a custom designed bags for $49.99 by emailing Shannon directly at:

If you order a custom Bag, be sure to indicate your preference with regards to:

  • General color scheme
  • Pocket flap and button color
  • You may choose an embroidery to add to your bag.
The average turn-around time on a custom bag is 5 business days + shipping time.

Aroma Bear by Shannon Buckley

I am so glad that I stumbled upon this website. Check out Shannon's beautiful creations, and may you be blessed in your search for a yoga mat bag that is unique as you are!

Debbie aka Sulilo

If you are an artisan of a yoga, wellness, or spiritual product or service and would like Sulilo to consider writing a blog article on it, please contact me via the Contact tab at the top of the page.  Blessings!

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