Monday, September 6, 2010

Under the Star-Filled Sky

Last night, I had the opportunity to have a fun time at Fiesta held by my boss and his family, who have also become friends.  It was lovely. My dear friend accompanied me. We had interesting conversations, laughed a lot, ate great food, and, as we were  walking back to the car - out in the country, with no light pollution, we marveled at the star-filled sky - this big dark cap above us as we stood here on the earth - millions of little rays of light and planets - reminding us that we are a part of something much bigger.  It is a feeling I've had during deep restorative yoga practice, and it was quite deep while gazing at the sky.  I've written this poem to help capture the moment, and I truly hope you enjoy it.  May you be blessed with the sight of a star-filled sky very soon!

Debbie aka Sulilo

This beautiful image is from here

Under the Star-filled sky
I pause, in awe.
and sigh.

The bright little beams of light from afar
shine down from the sky
each twinkling star

Reminds me of how the earth is so small
amongst the amazing galaxy
it is but a marble ball.

We are part of something much bigger
and so grand
Part of a purpose of Love
a Divine Plan

As I stand here beneath this sky of stars
nothing else seems to matter
Gone are the thoughts of the day and my worries
and the incessant monkey mind chatter.

This beautiful image is from here

I look above to see 
what I haven't noticed in quite some time
There's nothing like a star-filled sky
to remind us of our connection 
to the Divine.

Poem Written by: Debbie aka Sulilo 9/6/10

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