Friday, September 10, 2010

Everything Comes Full Circle - Why Doors Sometimes Don't Open For Us

Experiencing one closed door after another?  Maybe it is time to do some soul searching.  We all have gifts.  It is important to remember that whatever our gifts may be, they are from the Divine - the endless source of universal love, intelligence, and wisdom.

Gifts are given so that - yes- we can receive all of the good feelings that come with accomplishments and the admiration of others (within reason - after all, we are worthy), but mainly so that we can share them, touching, blessing, and loving others while serving the greater good of all living beings.

I've spent a fair share of time chasing after things for reasons other than facilitating the greater good-ness. I saw other peoples' dreams and tried to accomplish what they had achieved, thinking that this would bring me happiness.  I tried my hand at a number of different trades and activities looking to fill a void, but I now see that what I really sought was the happiness, contentment, and satisfaction that I saw in the eyes and hearts of those who had found the gifts that God had given them and had found a way to pursue those passions. I wanted to experience what they were experiencing. Perhaps you can identify with this. This is the point where we must be open and receptive to realizing our own gifts - not all of the gifts we see in others and wish we had or think we can have if we work hard enough, but those gifts that have been placed in our hearts and that come with relative ease. I feel this way about writing.

As people continue to be drawn to the work that I am putting out via blogging, tweeting, and Facebooking,  I am grateful and thankful to the Universe for planting the seed in my heart to pursue writing. Its something I've loved, enjoyed, and been encouraged to do since I was a young child - yet up until the past year or so, I really didn't value it.  Perhaps I doubted that I could ever get back into the flow again...perhaps I worried that no one would read what I would put out there.  But there was a moment when I decided to go for it, and now there is no turning back.

Life responded when I finally let go of trying to control everything and trying to force things into happening.  My job is a manifestation of this.  I just could not understand, even in this incredibly crazy economy, why Life was "not providing" a job for me even though I searched daily and went out on interviews. It seemed like all of the doors were closed.

I spent so much time on the internet: reading blogs, using Twitter, learning the ins and outs of social media...sometimes I felt like a bum (and others around me often had a snide remark about how much time I spent online) and now, I am using all of these skills in combination with prior experiences in my role at a company that I absolutely love working at - everything about the situation is simply Divine.

There are no accidents.  Life wasn't holding out on me. It is not holding out on you, either.

Things happen for a reason. Everything comes full circle.  You may be wondering why every door seems closed right now, even though you are giving it your all.  Perhaps you are going out on job interviews and have been "sure" that several jobs were the perfect fit.  Keep your chin up and know that if you trust and keep doing the footwork, it is all going to work out. In fact, it is all working itself out right now in this very moment.  The more we trust, the more the Universe reveals.

Get in touch with what you know in your heart are your gifts and ask the Universe to use you for the greater good. It may not be exactly what you imagined, or it may be EXACTLY what you imagined.

May you take comfort in knowing that you are counted.  You are loved. You are on your own path, and the more you Trust, the more you will See, and the Doors will begin to open.

Debbie aka Sulilo


  1. I can so relate to what you're saying in terms of thinking that all doors are closed when in actuality they are not. As long as I trust and keep forging on, all will work itself out at the end. Thank you for reminding of that.

  2. Dear Anonymous :) You are so welcome. So glad that you happened to read this just when you needed it. Big hugs, Sulilo ♥

  3. You've given me so much to think about today. And while I'm doing that, I'm visualizing a door opening W I D E ... xx

  4. Jacqueline...they will. ♥ Thank you so much for reading and posting.


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