Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Free Mini Yoga Therapy Session - Relax and Unwind

Sometimes we just want to take a mini escape from the roles that we have in our every day lives. We may feel stressed, tense, or anxious.

Yoga therapy can provide an outlet for this need.  As you select which poses you'd like to try, remember to breathe deeply.  Give yourself some slack. Never push too hard.  Listen to your body, and listen to your thoughts. Notice what comes up.  Take what you learn on the mat off of the mat and into the world.

Debbie aka Sulilo

If you're feeling less than lovely, clumsy, or in need of some grace, try Dancer's Pose:

If you're overworked or overwhelmed and need to let it all go and rest, try child's pose:

If your back is tense or tight, try the Cat-Cow Sequence:

If you feel like you need more balance, try Tree Pose:


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