Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Chopra Center 21-Day Meditation Challenge | Day 9 | The Sweet Sounds of Nature

I felt a little bit apprehensive when I found out that today's meditation, like last night's, was in video format rather than just audio.

Video meditations tend to make me feel a bit antsy. Even though we are given the option of keeping our eyes open or closing them, I find this irresistible urge to keep them open - not wanting to miss anything. Sort of like a child who resists taking a nap because they are afraid they'll miss out on something fun.

In my day-to-day life, I tend to very much be a visual learner.  You can tell me the same thing over and over, but if you show me what you are explaining - an actual sample, or a diagram, just something visual - I will get it.

Perhaps the antsy-ness that arises during the visual meditation is due to my mind doing what it naturally does when the eyes are open - analyzing and gathering information...interpreting it.  

I kept my eyes open during most of this meditation, primarily out of curiosity. It takes place at a lagoon in Carlsbad, California, a place that the Chopra Center refers to as "the sweet spot of the Universe."  It is indeed beautiful. I passed through Carlsbad and spent the night there while on a trip with my sister to the San Diego area.  

I'd felt drawn to that place at times, ever since, not knowing much about it.  Perhaps it is the Sweet Spot of the Universe that beckons us to it for deep meditation and prayer (thought this can be done anywhere).  

In any event, on the video this evening, I watched plants sway in the gentle breeze, clouds against an aqua blue sky, and waters gently flowing.  Due to the high quality of the recording and a good set of stereo speakers, it was possible to feel, for those few seconds where I actually closed my eyes, that I was outside at the lagoon.  With all of the various bird species singing, talking, and squawking away, in some moments, it felt like I was in a bird atrium.  

So whether you meditate better with your eyes closed or with them open, I'd recommend giving 10 minutes of your time to YOU to make your life feel slightly less stressed.  Since the Chopra Center published this video to YouTube, I can share it with you here.

I truly hope you enjoy.

Debbie aka Sulilo

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