Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kitty Yoga - What we can learn from these natural Yogis

I learn a lot about about Yoga by watching my kitten. While most of us do not have the luxury of living life as a cat does (though I came pretty close during the last few months of my unemployment period), we can observe these wise creatures when we are able to be at home with them.

Here are some observations about my kitten, Grey Bear:

My kitten eats when he's hungry and stops when he's full. (He practices Dosha balancing.)

He cleans up after himself.  (He would cleanse his yoga mat if he had one.)

He loves to play and is filled with wonder at the great big world around him, even if it means perching from a window sill and watching the trees sway and birds fly about.  (He is content and never bored.)

He takes a nap whenever he feels the least bit drowsy, and he is restored to full energy upon awakening. (He knows that Savasana is time VERY well spent. He also remembers the pre-school lesson we often leave behind: we need naps!)

This photo is of my kitten, Grey Bear

He, with ease, contorts his flexible kitty self into the most unique and amazing and humanly impossible anatomical positions for the pure joy of it. (He loves complex asanas as well as gentle restorative poses.)

He purrs when he is pleased, joyful, content, happy - it's his way of smiling and laughing. (He loves life.)

He cries out when he is angry or scared, being sure to let us know.  (He expresses his emotions instead of bottling them in.)

Ok, perhaps I've read a bit much into my cat and how his behavior ties in with my obsession with yoga. But that's just it - when you live your Yoga, you see it in all situations and all creatures.  May you be blessed with eyes that see.

Me working on Crow Pose

Debbie aka Sulilo

With the exception of the photo of me doing Crow Pose and Grey Bear in front of the computer, the photos in this post are from various sources on the web. Mouse over them to enjoy them at their original locations if you wish.

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  1. I'm not a yoga player but this was just so cute I had to comment. Grey Bear is adorable but Debbie workin that Crow Pose is very impressive... You go girl!

    *Eating my cupcake now*



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