Friday, July 2, 2010

The Yoga of Conversation

Today was a good day for bringing Yoga lessons off of the mat and into the world.

I recently became employed after a very long period of unemployment.  That alone has been a blessing.  But the fact that this particular job is quite different from my previous position in social work means that it has already begun to afford me with many opportunities to learn and grow on a number of levels.

The particular industry I am now in is not in alignment with yogic principles of non-materialism and non-wanting, but neither am I 100% of the time (and I imagine very few individuals are this way).  In fact, if I dropped any more hints to everyone around me that I "need" an iphone, they may begin to ignore me altogether.

In my new job, I am surrounded by people who have created an abundance of wealth for themselves, and they are therefore able to afford life's finer things, allowing them to enjoy a lifestyle that includes so many different gadgets your head might spin if I list them...but at the end of the day, each and every one of these people is no different than you or I.

They each have a soul and a conscience. They each love and have fears. They each will one day leave this plane.

So, when I connect with people who are enjoying the manifestation of their wealth, if I come from a place of lacking and inferiority, this is not good for them, for myself, nor for the collective. But, if I come from a place of realizing that we are all one, I can be happy for my brother or sister who is prosperous.  I can experience awe and wonder at the gadgets that fascinate them and that, in their perception, make their lives a little bit easier. And, I can know that if such things were what I were truly seeking, then I, too, could achieve or obtain them.

In addition to all of this new information that I am taking in and processing and the new environment that I am finding myself in, I am aware of the people around me.

I had an engaging and powerful conversation over lunch with a co-worker today where we really connected.  We are no longer "strangers on the phone" each morning when we speak from our remote offices.  I experienced that sense of wonder that you get when a flower opens before you, revealing itself in all its beauty.  I listened more than I talked.  When I did speak, it was more about relating to what my co-worker was saying, rather than feeling the need to take the spotlight and talk about my life and my problems.

I breathed deeply and felt grateful before each  interaction that I had - whether it was with a client, my boss, or my sister as we (while 3,000 miles away) selected flowers for our Uncle's wake (he passed away yesterday).  I came home and received compassion and support when I declared that I was truly too pooped to fix dinner and that everyone is on their own (which was fine!).

And, I reflected on how I could continue to integrate a sense of gratitude into my evening, and may you consider doing the same.

I wish you and yours a wonderful extended weekend.

Debbie aka Sulilo

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