Monday, July 12, 2010

Not Enough Hours in Your Day?

Sometimes I try to squeeze so much into a day that it's ridiculous. Take today for example.  I woke up and did a 20 minute Pranayama practice.  Then it was off to eat breakfast, do my makeup, and get dressed within about a 40 minute period (would have been an hour, but I added in the Pranayama unplanned).  Then it was off to work.

At lunch time, I raced to eat, go to the post office and rescue a dog that had gotten loose. I must say he was so cute, and there was no way I could leave him on the side of the road.  His name is Maximillian, and he's safely at home with his family now.  He must have wondered what was going on as I snapped photos of him before taking  him back to his home. :)


I returned to work and completed all of my tasks and then diligently, one-by-one, transferred all of my contact from my old T-mobile phone to my new Verizon phone.  I tweeted. I facebooked. I checked email. I responded to email. I answered the phone. I made copies. I interacted with coworkers.

Then it was time to go home. On my way home, now that I have reception where I live (thank you, Verizon!), I pulled over to connect my device to my car's Bluetooth (for hands-free calling).  Then, rather than taking a few deep breaths and perhaps listening to some music, I placed a phone call to a friend, confirming plans for Thursday evening.

Then I got home (are you exhausted yet?).  I called my mother, who lives on the other coast. Ten minutes turned into 20.  I then jumped right into Day 5 of Jillian Michael's 30-Day shred DVD...

Jillian Michaels -trainer, life coach,
and star of reality TV Show "Biggest Loser"

followed by grilling chicken and pineapple rings and cooking cumin and garlic seasoned black beans.  Then we ate dinner. Then I got up and started making muffins so we'd have something nutritious to eat for breakfast this week.

 The yummy muffins that will nourish
us this week for breakfast

While all of this was happening, I threw a load of laundry in....and I just took an intermission from this blog to get the load of out of the dyer and fold it.
So, why am I telling you all of the details of my rather ordinary and uneventful day?  Why did I push myself so hard to get so much done in just one day?  Where were my priorities? What were my intentions? What were my motives?

These questions occurred to me, and I extend this one to you: Do your days look like this? Are they perhaps even busier?  What is it that we are trying to accomplish?

I'll take my own questions, and I encourage you to reflect on the same questions as well.

Where were my priorities, intentions, and motives?

I believe that my priorities were to to take care of my body (the exercise DVD), take care of my mind and spirit (the Pranayama practice), to take care of my household (the laundry, making dinner, making muffins), my friendship that has been strained (due to me being SO busy), protecting and helping others (the dog), and wanting to please others.  Wait a minute - what was that last one?  I'll need to think about that some more.  

Another motive was to get "everything" done so that tomorrow I might enjoy a relatively quiet and less busy evening (i.e., I made enough dinner so that there are leftovers for tomorrow night).

Was it all worth it? I'll have to let you know. Tomorrow's plans include work, lunch at home, another 30-minute workout, leftovers, and some yoga home practice with plenty of Savasana.

The main thing that I got out of reflecting on this one-thing-after-another day is that we have time for everything we choose  to have time for.  Luckily, I don't jam pack every day the way I did this one...but as far as cardio exercise, I used to skip it because I "didn't have enough time."  We will make time for those things that are truly our priorities - and sometimes we may surprise ourselves when we realize that what we profess to be our priorties are not reflected in our behavior or in our daily schedules.

May you be blessed with the wisdom to use your time for the highest good of yourself and all those in your life...and may I do the same.
Debbie aka Sulilo

Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.
~John Archibald Wheeler


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