Sunday, July 11, 2010

Please join my Sulilo Yoga Team at Yoga for Hope San Francisco!

Yoga has truly changed my life. Because of my commitment to and participation in the practice, I feel more balanced, more connected, and my former battles with severe anxiety have been transformed into healing experiences.

So  many other people have found yoga to be a source of healing. I have friends who have participated in Yoga as a way to cope with stress, including the stress of living with a life-threatening illness such as breast cancer.

And, now, I am participating in City of Hope's Yoga for Hope event in San Francisco. I am participating in memory of my father and in honor of those who are living with life-threatening diseases.

City of Hope provides restorative yoga classes to people who are living with cancer, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and other life threatening diseases.  Visit my "Join my team" page to learn more about what this organization is doing to help support people in their healing.

I hope you will Join my team and help support this worthy event!

Debbie aka Sulilo

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