Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lesson Learned, Deep Breath Taken, All is Well (FREE Full-length Yoga Classes Online!)

If you read my blog post yesterday, this is a follow up to that.  If you'd like to read that one first, please click here.  The reader's digest version is that I jam packed my day, and while I thought that everything I was doing was to meet some priorities, needs, or intentions, I can see today that I was off the mark and should have listened more to the cues that my body was giving me, rather than my ego.

I went to bed tired and woke up tired. I experienced "muffin revenge" all morning. (You don't want to know, but let's just say that these were very high fiber treats apparently enjoyed in too large of a quantity.)

What good is "getting everything done" in one day, with the intention of "enjoying" the next if you've worked yourself up into a stressball of anxiety and stomach upset? Lesson learned, breath taken (literally, in count for 4, hold for 4, release for 4), and giving myself the Louse L. Hay mantra, "All is Well."

Fortunately at work today, everyone else was off-site. I was able to do my work and conduct some research on the new industry that I am now in while also practicing pranayama at my desk.  I stayed hydrated and waited for the storm to pass.

I confirmed with myself that there is no way that I am putting myself through the 30-day shred tonight. It is an amazing workout, and it is VERY high intensity.  I am a person who, aside from yoga and some casual pace walking, has been quite sedentary for some I jumped right into this exercise practice, and yesterday was Day 5.  I believe that the program is designed for people just like me; however, there is a young woman demonstrating modified versions of the exercises, with less impact, and I should be following her for the time being. So that is one change I plan to make.  As of a moment mid-morning today, I am resuming listening to my body and responding with love and compassion.  I am thanking it for taking on the extra toll that I put on it in a not so friendly (or gradual way). And I am sorry to it for abusing it by not taking things a bit slower, not listening to cues, and eating way too much bran in one sitting.

I am also taking tonight off from the intense work out and will be enjoying something nourishing and wholesome for dinner (probably the leftovers that I made so I wouldn't have to cook tonight, lol), and I will be doing an hour and a half of restorative yoga. Click here for the class I'll be taking.

My friend Kendra, who is also a yoga teacher, suggested a link to a great website to a Yoga Studio in Santa Monica that delivers FREE yoga classes via live streaming video, and they have a library of all of their streams archived so that you can watch them at any time.  There is no charge - the studio runs on donations. Because of this, if you do use their services, it would be good karma to make a donation now and then if you are able. It truly is a blessing that they are offering this service.

I can't always make it down to an actual class after work (though live classes are ideal for me, personally - I love the energy of the interconnectedness that you can get in-person).  But for people who also cannot make it to the studio, who are traveling, or who live someplace where there aren't any yoga classes (GASP!), Yogis Anonymous provides amazing resource to the world. This is an amazing way to keep your home practice going with lots of variety and different teaching styles and levels of intensity.

So, is it worth it to jam pack your day in hopes of a less busy tomorrow? Nope. There will still be other things that will come up that need your attention, so it's probably best to just pace yourself and take good care of yourself. Listen to what your body needs - not what MTV, your partner, Jillian Michaels, or anyone else thinks is good for you.  You (and I) have the answers within and can tap into the Universal intelligence that is there for all of us.

Next time, before I make major changes in my life (like this new exercise program), I will meditate on how I can integrate such a thing into my life with ease, love, and healthiness.  And, I hope that my lesson learned spares you from having to go through stress the next time you shake up your routine.

Bright blessings of love. Thank you so much for reading my blog.

Debbie aka Sulilo

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