Friday, July 16, 2010

Things that got me through...

Yesterday, just moments after I arrived at work, I received a phone call that shook me to the core. My partner of 9 years had been in a motorcycle accident. He was speaking to me, but I had no idea how badly he might be injured.

I was lucky to be in the same building as the Chief of the Fire Department and a fire department volunteer, and we got to the scene very quickly. I felt very helpless as I saw my love all banged up, bleeding, bruised, and swollen. He was shaking like a leaf and was clearly feeling the affects of adrenaline.

He was hauled away in an ambulance, was treated for trauma, admitted overnight, and I just brought him home this evening. He has surgery next Thursday on his lower right leg and ankle area, which he broke. For now, he is in a soft cast and on crutches.

I am so thankful to God, to Life, to the Universe that my partner made it through this accident.  The most touching thing about it was that he swayed to avoid hitting a rabbit.  Does that not melt your heart as it did mine (and everyone else who heard the story)?

He had on protective gear, and he WILL be alright. It's just difficult watching someone you love have to struggle, in pain, to do things that are ordinarily so easy, routine, and taken for granted.

Please keep him in your prayers and kind thoughts.

The things that got me through as I drove home, alone, late at night, without my partner by my side:

* I repeated that I was strong and summoned the common strength of the Universe - the same strength that holds up big trees that are rooted deeply into the ground, and I asked Life to infuse me with the confidence to know that I too shared that strength
* I prayed for George, and I prayed for those whose story doesn't end up even as close to as good as ours has
* I saw the brightly lit stars and moon in the nights sky, something I don't ordinarily see
* I saw city lights twinkling around in the late evening hours

* I felt, breathed, and tasted the crisp, delicious, summer evening air
* Earlier in the evening, I spent time with a good friend who I hadn't seen in months
* I spoke on the phone with several concerned family members who offered prayers, love, help, and well wishes
* I listened to a radio show on energy conservation, and the the fact that there were so many intelligent people, wide awake and invested in the phone-in program...well, it felt like they were keeping me company on my long ride home. ☺
* I snuggled with my cat
* I practiced Pranayama
* I showed myself compassion
* The next morning, since there was nothing I could do at the hospital, I went to work and put my all into each and every one of my tasks and did not look for any special treatment or exceptions in getting everything done that needed to get done, and this felt good
* I skipped blogging last night because my rest came first

Thank you for your prayers, love, kind thoughts, positive energy, etc. to my partner and I during this time.

We feel the love and send love to you, too!

Debbie aka sulilo


  1. Debi, your post touched my heart. I am so happy that your partner is safe and healing. Sending you love and prayers.

  2. Crystal, thank you for sending light and love our way. We send you love, too! ♥


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